UPDATE: August 30, 2004









Thank you to all the alumni who attended and participated in the Newfolden All-School Reunion in July. 

We still have many school history books and centennial books as well as John Tunheim's book, A Scandinavian Saga, available for purchase.

All three books may be purchased at the Marshall County State Bank in Newfolden.  The school history book may also be purchased at the Marshall County Central School.

Newfolden Centennial book                  $20

The History of a School                        $20

A Scandinavian Saga                            $10.95

 If you wish to purchase The History of a School by mail, contact Phil Dyrud at 218-874-3383 or pdyrud@wiktel.com or write to Phil Dyrud, 10084 310th St. NE, Newfolden, MN 56738.  Please add $3 for mailing.


A DVD or a video of the parade and some other Centennial events will soon be available.  Keep checking this Web page.


Remember, any of these books would make good Christmas gifts!